Recipe Directions

Put the almonds into your food processor until rustically chopped.
Mix in the remaining ingredients until you get a nice thick consistency. You might to add a bit more water. I keep it pretty chunky and rough.
Add in more lime juice, ginger and seasoning to taste. I like mine with quite a bit of kick so I tend to be a bit more heavy handed with the ginger, lime juice and sea salt.
Slather on crackers, serve with veggies chips, or top raw tacos. YUM!

Theblendergirl's Thoughts

The second this dip hit my lips, it was love at first bite – I immediately became intoxicated with the unique zesty flavor and crunchy texture. This dip epitomizes the “blend and chow in under 5 minutes†philosophy that I am so fond of. It is dead easy, bursting with flavor, and incredibly versatile. Another added bonus is that the flavor mix is different from your hog standard store bought dips, and makes a unique addition to the nibble plate at your next dinner. This is fantastic slathered on rice cakes, tortilla chips, toasts, raw tacos or veggie sticks. I have been whipping up this dip to rave reviews for over ten years. I hope this will become a staple in your “delectable dip†repertoire, just as it has in mine.
Published here courtesy of Kurma Dasa.

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theblendergirl's Review

Green Pea and Almond Dip
4 out of 5

Me too! Peas are my never fail vege. Glad you liked the recipe :-) Thanks for the comment!

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Pj'srawkitchen's Review

Green Pea and Almond Dip
5 out of 5

I love green peas so this really appealed to me! Well done--it's fabulous!

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