Recipe Directions

Linguine Noodles
Use a vegetable peeler to “peel” wide linguine noodles from zucchini
Marinara Sauce
1. Slice a large tomato in half and place one half in blender (I used my convenient little Magic Bullet) and store the other half for later use
2. Add sea salt, Italian seasoning, and olive oil and blend to desired consistency
3. Mound noodles, add sauce and top with pine nuts.

Bellamojo's Thoughts

I created this quite by accident. It is so simple yet so increadibly yummy. I had no idea that the texture of zucchini noodles would change so much by simply making them wider using a vegetable peeler! This recipe could easily be doubled to make two servings rather than only one.

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sound very nice and refreshing... ~thank you!

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I just finished a plate of this and it was really good. I blended and saved the remainder to add to my flax cracker recipe. (Good use of leftovers too!)
Next time I will add a squirt of lemon juice and maybe a few raisins or apple slices. Something sweet.

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