Recipe Directions

Follow the instructions of the Strawberry Panna Cotta and Blackberry Compote, with the following modifications.
1. For the Compote, use a very large, ripe and sweet pealed mandarin instead of blackberries. Separate it in pieces. I did not remove the transparent skin of
the mandarin pieces, but I did open them to remove any seeds and to allow for the juice to come out while marinaring them.
2. For the Panna Cotta, use 3 medium, sweet and ripe prunes (of light color inside), and a ripe and sweet nectarine, both fruits unpealed. Do chop them in pieces, instead of strawberries. This will yield about 2 cups of fruits.
3. For the Panna Cotta, I added 1.5 tablespoon of arrowroot in the blender, after added the fruits, because I used more quantity of fruits than indicated in the original recipe.
Note: I did not have 2×4-inch spring forms, so I just used my 6-inch spring form with lose bottom as indicated in the original recipe. I got a big panna cotta that can be cutted up to 8 small pieces. The photo shows one of those small pieces. In the picture, I also topped it with a bit of the Fugde Sauce recipe from this website. Yummy!!!!

Jirizarry's Thoughts

Last week, I made the Strawberry Panna Cotta with Blackberry Compote posted on this website. The recipe was so amaizing wonderful. I did not know what Panna Cotta was, so I looked it up. I must say, this raw version is much better than the original italian Panna Cotta. At least, in my opinion it is. My husband found this recipe incredibly delicious. We found it to be a kind of soft cheese cake like. We have never tried Panna cotta, but that seems more to be like kind of a flan, according to the pictures we saw on the Internet.
So, we liked it so much, that I decided to come up with another version using other fruits, and I will like to shre it with you all. I hope that the creator of the original recipe does not mind the modifications. Surely not! For the panna cotta, I used 3 medium very ripe sweet fresh prunes. They are oval form, of dark violet skin, but light color inside, and a very sweet and ripe nectarin. For the Compote, I used a very big, ripe and sweet mandarin with some extra fresh sweet orange juice.
I hope you like it. Mine is in the freezer, but I already tasted the panna cotta mixture and the compote and they were delicious.
And, we just ate a piece each a couple of minutes ago.

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I love the Strawberry Panna Cotta too and I can't wait to try this - i love prunes and nectarines, so i'm sure i'll love this one too! I'll post as soon as i do try! Thanks for altering.

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You did me proud. This looks beautful. Recipes are to be altered, shared and created with love and I believe you have accomplished that.

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