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Grind almonds, coconut and dates in a food processor until finely crumbed. Press into the bottom of the cookie cutter to about 1/4 inch thickness. Blend together (also in food processor) banana, mango and coconut oil (it is important that the bananas and mango are not frozen but at room temperature or else the coconut oil will be chunky eww). Sprinkle with toasted coconut and freeze over night or until firm. Makes 2
For Cinnamon-Chocolate, follow same directions as Banana-Mango.
We piped on top of the Cinnamon-Chocolate Ice Cream Cake a mixture of raw almond butter, agave syrup and cinnamon and topped it off with crushed almonds.

Sketch-free_vegan_eating's Thoughts

Our Dad brought over a tub of organic chocolate ice cream for us the other day and it has been staring at us for the past 2 days and we can't eat it because it has cream in it! We eventually broke down and had a couple bites each and then locked it in the freezer. Who knew ice cream could cause so much distress? We handed it off to one of our roommates and fed our crave by making mini ice cream cakes! We made two versions: Banana-Mango and Cinnamon-Chocolate.
To make the mold we laid out wax paper on a cookie sheet (you could also use a plate) and we used metal circular cookie cutters.

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I like how creative you are! Little ice cream cakes rock!!! One thing, if you wanted to use frozen bananas, you can, but melt the coconut oil and add it in last minute after you've processed the frozen things first- then it won't be so chunky. Cheers!

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Wild and Free's Review

Raw Mini Ice Cream Cakes
5 out of 5

sounds delicious!

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