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Juice the pear, grapes, fennel, cuke and ginger. I don’t have a great blender so I also juice the cilantro, but if you’ve got a good one throw it all in! Take the spinach and tear it into blender, add the water and blend until it becomes green juice. You could add the cilantro here if you wanted. Then blend in the strawberry. I know one seems silly but it gives it a nice tartness. You could add more if you like. Pour the juice into the blender and mix everything for a few seconds. Pour into a pretty clear glass so your eyes can drink your greens too! Have a great green good morning!

Yammygirl's Thoughts

By yammygirl

I make this most mornings and it is a great way to wake up! Parsley and celery are too strong for me in the A M so I came up with some milder substitutes. Had some beautiful black grapes and added fennel and cilantro to make it smooth. I’m loving my greens!

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