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1. Grind up the walnuts with agave nectar (or honey) in a food processor until it is a powdery/pasty consistency.

2. Gradually add all the diced veggies and finally the garlic flakes and salt/pepper. Add the olive oil throughout to keep the veggies grinding up properly.

Chrissypie123's Thoughts

By chrissypie123

I found a recipe for raw garden burgers in a book that I wanted to try, but I ended up altering some of the ingredients and out came this awesome sweet and savory veggie pate!

It was great as an easy snack spread on tomato slices,wrapped in spinach leaves, or stuffed in mushroom caps!

My boyfriend is the biggest believer in the meat/potato diet, yet he still approved of this one.

It can become a little oniony/garlicky so be weary of how much you add. I cheated and added a little Veganaise to balance out the taste (because I used too many onions), but it was still delish!

Next time I make this, I am thinking of adding some raisins.

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