Recipe Directions

Measure all of the granola ingredients into big bowl while raisins and dates are soaking. Add/ substitute what ever dried fruits or nuts you would like (would be really good with something tart.) I chopped the almonds and brazils in a food processor, leaving a lot of big chunks.

In blender, or with a hand blender, blend dates, raisins, soak water, honey, and spices. You will have to gauge with you eye whether or not the binder will be enough for all of the granola...if not, make a little more, or add some water.

Add liquid to the big bowl and mix well.

Spread on teflex sheets and dehydrate for a couple hours. I did 1 hour at 145* and then two? or three? more at 105*..... Check on it, (meaning nibble at it) to if its dry/ crunchy enough.


I did not soak all of my nuts/ seeds. I only soaked the sunflower seeds and buckwheat....more soaked/sprouted nuts and seeds may affect the drying time. Do not soak the flax seeds as they will make a goopy mess.

A-Love's Thoughts

By A-Love

This was inspired by a raw granola that I bought in my old town, made locally there. I can not remember the name or anything. But this recipe makes a ton of cereal, so feel free to scale it back a bit.

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amethystrse's Review

Cinnamon Granola
5 out of 5

I have mine dehydrating right now. I tasted it before I put it in and it is GOOOOOOD! Even my super picky 8 yr old liked it (he helped me make it). I can't wait till it's ready. This recipe does make a lot which is good. I had to add some water but not much.

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