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marykays1's Review

Greek Raw Vegan Yogurt
3 out of 5

Thanks for posting. I had some young coconut meat in the freezer and a fresh one and made this. It turned out nice and thick and had that good yogurt taste and texture. I let it sit on top of the dehydrator while I had other things inside for approx 1 1/2 days.

However, I think there's way too much lemon. I would literally only add about seven drops to this recipe. My thoughts anyway.

You also inspired me to try it with some truly raw dehydrated coconut. I made thick coconut milk for a nice kefir-like --yogurty drink as well as using just the dried coconut in a little water, and then blended the heck out of some dried coconut in water. Think I liked the coconut milk the best, but all had that yogurty flavor. Thanks again.

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