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Slice 2 apples and 2 large carrots for juicer. 1 small piece of ginger root 1 medium bunch of kale, chop for blender 1 banana, sliced

I had to put the carrots, apples and ginger in the juicer, since my blender wouldn’t handle it, I can’t wait to get my vitamix. And I put the kale in the blender on puree setting, this seems to work best for me and at the last minute I put the banana in with the kale, then mixed it all together in my juice jar. This is a really yummy combination, nice and sweet for a Kale smoothie. Hope you like it.

Rawmaiden's Thoughts

By rawmaiden

This is a delicious and great breakfast smoothie.

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I made this earlier today... it was FANTASTIC. You're right, very sweet (and banana-y) for a kale smoothie! Very filling, too!

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