Recipe Directions

1. Cut the pumpkin in small pieces and put in the blender with orange juice, agave, and spices (you could also use gingerbread spice). Blend very well. Taste if it's sweet enough.

2. Put the mixture into an ice cream machine and add the pine nuts.

3. For the vanilla cream, blend bananas with vanilla bean.

4. Put the vanilla cream on a plate and arrange a ball of sorbet on it. I decorated with pistachios and cacao nibs.

Chlorophylla's Thoughts

By chlorophylla

It's Hokkaido time. ;-)

Don't forget to put a lot of love inside and enjoy!

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sorry, i forgot to mention what to do with the orange zests: put them in the blender with the hokkaido and the orange. i`m sure they would also be nice for garnish.

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