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Crust: Chop Walnuts in Food Processor, then add Dates & Coconuts & process until slightly sticky. Fill 4 – 1/2 cup dessert bowls or 2 – 1 cup dessert bowls with equal amounts of crust mixture & press against sides & bottom to form crust. You may put this in the frige while you make the filling to solidify the crust a little. I prefer it warm & crumbly.

Filling: Put coconut cream (you could use 2 bananas & leave out the coconut cream if you are in a hurry), banana, medjool dates, peach or nectarine & vanilla in food processor & process until smooth & well combined. Pour or spoon equal amounts into each crust.

Topping: Arrange sliced or chopped peaches or nectarines on top of each pie & ENJOY!

You can chill this for an hour or so if you prefer it that way.

This recipe works Very well with Strawberries too!

Warning: Because there is no thickener used, this recipe is best done in individual serving size bowls. If you put it in a pie pan, it will be a bit runny.

Luv-2B-raw's Thoughts

By luv-2B-raw

I made this for breakfast a few days ago, because I had some bananas & nectarines that were getting quite ripe. It was a HUGE hit! Hope you will all enjoy it too!

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Peach Pie (or Nectarine)
5 out of 5

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