Recipe Directions


1. Process the pecans until a coarse meal forms and then add the rest of the ingredients.

2. Wipe a pie pan with coconut oil and press the pecan dough into the pan to form the crust.


3. Blend all the ingredients until completely smooth. Empty into a bowl and fold in the flax.

4. Pour into the prepared pie crust and smooth over.

5. Decorate with additional pecans and the leaves from the clementines/ tangerines.

Bees Knees Kitchen's Thoughts

By Bees Knees Kitchen

So with only a few more days until Thanksgiving, it’s time for pecan pie!

This year, surprise your guests with this deliciously sweet raw version made with a candied pecan crust and a creamy citrus pecan filling.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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looks very yummy and i bet it's delicious

glad u went easy on the sweetness

i will definitely try this~probably with my own spin! thanks :) & happy holidays!

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