Recipe Directions

Finely shred raw sweet potato. Set aside. You can, instead, choose to dice the sweet potato; if so, place directly in a mixing bowl.

Thinly slice green onion and ½ of cayenne chili. Chop apple (choose a tart or sweet variety like pink lady, Braeburn, Fuji). Break cauliflower into small florets. Place these four ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Add prepared mustard (my favorite is Eden Foods’ raw stone ground brown mustard), agave, cinnamon, cumin. Stir well. Salt to taste. Stir

Break or chop cashews into pieces and add them to the mixture. Add shredded sweet potato and fold into the existing mixture.

Serve garnished with a pinch of cayenne if desired. Serves one satisfying portion, or two teasers.

Spiced Root to Fruit will keep in the fridge longer than you’ll ever let it.

FawnM's Thoughts

By FawnM

My taste tester and I were almost going to call this raw food recipe “so good we can’t think of a name.” Fortunately, a more descriptive title came forth: Spiced Root to Fruit. Since the ingredients span roots to fruits, it too is an appropriate name. When these simple ingredients come together they create a delightful synergy. You’ll taste a little sweet, a little spice, and a hint of kapow. …So good you won’t know what you want to call it.


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Pj'srawkitchen's Review

Spiced Root to Fruit: a Raw Food Salad
5 out of 5

I love mixing apples with sweet potatoes. This is wonderful!!

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