Recipe Directions

1. Slice nectarine into small 1/4-1/2" pieces.

2. Juice the lemon + lime or lemon + orange.

3. Add a bit of water and honey/agave to taste (you don't need to add water if you are using orange juice).

4. Fill popsicle trays with nectarine pieces.

5. Add the juice mixture. Freeze.

Amberablue's Thoughts

By amberablue

Kinda sweet + kinda sour!

I prefer either a lemon-lime or lemon-orange popsicle, but you can really try any combination.

P.S. I use kitchen knives or spoons (or popsicle sticks) instead of the plastic things that the popsicle makers come with.

Just add foil or saran wrap over the trays if you do this, so that things freeze alright.

You can make and freeze way more popsicles by taking them out of the tray once they are frozen, and you don't have to deal with holding the tiny little plastic stick, especially if it's hot outside and dripping!

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