Recipe Directions

1. Chop all the vegetables very well.
2. Begin juicing starting with kale, then celery, and rotate the greens.
3. It is best to add ginger sometimes in the middle of the juicing process so the spiciness of it will mix well with the rest of the greens.
4. Top it off with fruit or even hemp seeds for extra vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein.
5. Enjoy!

Lola's Thoughts

By Lola

This nourishing juice is made with ingredients that promote healing of the body, hydrates the lymphatic system, aids in digestion and weight loss. Juicing is a great way to boost nutritional value in one’s diet, because greens, such as wheatgrass, dandelion, or beet leaves, are not only detoxifying, but also exceptionally nutritional. Beet leaves contain more than 10x nutrients than beet roots! Wheatgrass is extremely alkalizing and it is considered to be one of the most healing foods (even cats love it!). Dandelion leaves are potent liver cleansers! Liver has dozens of functions from creating hormones and digestive enzymes to production of bile and drug detoxification. 

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