Spinach with a creamy bolognese

Recipe Directions

To make the “bolognese” Tomato mixture

Chop into quarters 6 or so vine tomatos, I just used one vine section.

Get a large lasagne dish, place in the tomato, chopped sundried peppers,one clove garlic, squeese in the lime juice, chilli and curry spices(or other spices if you prefer- basil would be nice), stir this all.

Put it into the fridge or leave in a warm place for 2-3 hours to soak in.

The next part is optional- you can either put this in dehydrator or into a cool oven for 30-60 minutes to warm.

Pulse this mixture up in the blender for literally 30 seconds if that, you want nice big bitey bits of tomato, just pulse it and check taste- add anymore herbs etc.

Next prepare spinach

Gently wash any soil off organic spinach, place this in a ring around the plate. Spoon the bologenese mixture into the centre. Sprinkle with seeds(optional) and serve.


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Spinach with a creamy bolognese

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