keeps for a couple days
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1. in a 9-in glass pie pan, arrange 1 layer of sliced bananas in a slightly overlapped spiral

2. slice fruit 1/4 inch thin and layer over bananas

3. repeat step 1 and compress fruit down evenly with hands

4. blend soaked pecans, dates, water, and vanilla

5. pour into fruit crust

6. dehydrate at 95F for 3 hours

7. in a small bowl blend honey with water and shoyu and toss in pecans

8. arrange pecans on pie

9. chill

Sweet Adeline's Thoughts

By Sweet Adeline

keeps for a couple days

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I believe this is supposed to read "Celestial Pecan Pie". It is a Rhio recipe from her book "Hooked On Raw". It is excellent. I have made it several times and everyone loves it!

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