Recipe Directions

Make the bases:
• Process half of the buckwheaties into a fine powder in the mini processor.
• Place the processed buckwheaties, along with the whole buckwheaties into a small bowl. Sieve 4 tbsp of the carob into the bowl.
• Place a medjool date and 4 tbsp of the orange juice into the mini processor and process until you have a syrup.
• Pour the syrup into the bowl with the buckwheaties and carob and mix really well until you have a thick dough that sticks together when you press it.
• Form the mixture into 6 bases using a 2 inch biscuit cutter as a mould
Make the topping:
• Place the other medjool date and 1 tbsp orange juice into the mini processor and process until you have a syrup.
• Scoop out the avocado and put into a bowl, along with the date syrup, 3 tbsp sieved carob and ¾ tsp orange zest.
• Mash the avocado into the other ingredients, combining well until you have a smooth chocolately mousse.
• Spoon the mousse onto the buckwheat bases and top with the remaining orange zest.
If you don’t have buckwheaties, you could try making the base with oats, or ground almonds/sunflower seeds.

Pathlesstrodden's Thoughts

I created this dessert specially for a recent raw food demonstration and lunch. My guinea pigs loved it! They were even more amazed to try a dessert made from avocado. This healthy fruit, rich in natural oils gives a perfect way to make an easy raw-vegan mousse. I combined it with a crunchy buckwheat base to provide a rich, smooth couple-of-bite-size desserts. Enjoy!
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I have never tried chocolate with orange mousse. The recipe looks very different, I would love to try it.I think the use of orange will give a good taste to it. .

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