Spicy, sour and sweet and easier than you think to make. It only takes about 30 minutes of prep and then some patience...

Recipe Directions

1. rinse everything you're going to use in vinegar or food-grade peroxide to ensure total clean. I used an old stainless steel soup kettle as the vessel since it had a tight fitting lid. A good way to use my pans from my SAD days. Make sure to rinse your clean hands with vinegar too- this is fairly hands on.
2. pull off outer 2-3 leaves of cabbage and set aside.
3. shred all but 1/4 of your cabbage and carrots in FP or simply chop fine. Set aside remaining vege to juice. Stuff shredded vege into your container and pack it tight. Feel free to use daikon, green onions, or leeks too (i will next time).
3. take the remaining cabbage and carrots and juice them (not the outer leaves though- they come later.)
4. blend miso and hot pepper with the juice, stir in the garlic and ginger.
5. pour juice over your shredded vedge and work through with your hands so it all gets coated.
6. smash down vege with your hands as tight as you can.
7. take outer leaves and layer them on top of shredded vedge to seal off kim chi.
8. put weight on top of the whole mess. you should have enough juice in the mix to float above weight, if not add water (and vinegar if you want) so that it does. For my kim chi, i simply inverted a plate that was about the size of my soup pot and set a jar of change on top of it to weigh it down.) Cover with lid. I also draped a dish towel over the mix to help dissuade any pesky fruit flies from investigating.
9. Store in an out of the way spot for 1-2 weeks. I let mine go for 2 weeks.
10. when you decide its done- take off weight and discard the outer leaves of cabbage. Spoon into clean glass jars and store in the fridge. Reserve remaining juice and bits as a starter for your next batch.
11. enjoy! your tummy will love all the friendly goodness.

Wichten's Thoughts

Spicy, sour and sweet and easier than you think to make. It only takes about 30 minutes of prep and then some patience...

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its funny, i don't like cabbage or spicy vinegary things, but my acupuncturist said i should try fermented cabbage for my intestines. this is simple, i think i will try it. i'm still trying to get the whole business of everything being pasteurized and sterilized out of my head, also from my SAD days. how does this not go bad but stay good? i just don't understand, but i want to...

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I've been wanting new Kim Chi Recipes, and this sounds good.

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