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Recipe Directions

1. process buckwheat til mashed

2. add everthing else except last 2 ingr. and process

3. add last 2 and process

4. separate dough into 2 batches

5. roll out each dough ball between 2 teflex sheets 1/4-inch thick,

6. place each on a dehydrator tray, carefully peeling off the top sheet

7. dehydrate at 100F for 8 hours

8. peel crust off teflex, flip crust, and put on the tray w/o the teflex. at this point you can make an indent in the middle to form a ridge.

9. score as many slices as you like

10. dehydrate another 10 hours or until thoroughly dry. if storing, it must be hard.

spread each crust with "melted crust", then "pizza sauce"', then vegges of choice, then "grated cheese"

serve immediately

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