Recipe Directions

For the crackers:

blend or process almonds into course pieces, then blend tomatoes, spices, oil and nama shoyu into paste. add almonds, seeds and paste together and mix until uniform. spread out onto teflex sheet and dehydrate overnight until crispy on one side. flip and repeat until crispy enough. store in fridge or freezer.

For the salad pockets:

rinse 4-8 long pieces of romaine, cup-shaped. dry and set aside. fill each pocket with some mushrooms, torn basil leaves, salad sprouts, tomatoes, peppers (if they fit) and nut cheese slices or crumbles. break crackers into bite sized pieces and tuck into pizza pocket. drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and crunch! enjoy!

Noelleloveshoney's Thoughts

By noelleloveshoney

I was feeling creative one saturday night and felt like making my first batch of raw crackers. thus, the pizza cracker was born. yum. so i keep them in the freezer for a crunchy snack or when inspiration strikes and i want a creative salad. i had romaine hearts in the fridge i needed to use up, as well as a packet of nut cheese, and fresh sprouts... feeling crunchy already!

so you can make the crackers and store them for a while, then throw them in your salad when you're ready :)

(i have a great picture but it's not coming up-sorry!)

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