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Place all ingredients in blender. You may have to split it in half, so you don’t jam your blender. Cover with purified water about 1/4 to 1/2 way. Blend until creamy. Add more water—about a 1-2 cups more. Pour ingredients into a nut milk bag or strainer. Push juice out into a bowl. Push as much as possible, until the pulp starts to appear a little “dry”. Pour juice over ice, or serve at room temperature. Save the pulp to use in other recipes for later.

Mmm good…very delicious!

Myrawlife's Thoughts

By myrawlife

I made this juice up today, when I wanted to have something green, refreshing, and use up my kale. Measurements are not exact, so add or take away what you desire to make this green envy your own. I added the juice to a tall glass of purified ice cubes…and saved the pulp to make crackers later in the dehydrator.

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