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For a real crowd pleaser at a picnic or party make this cactus salsa ahead of time and allow to blend its flavors in the refrigerator for a few hours or more. Just mix all the ingredients above that you can obtain. Some hot peppers are always in favor here in the SouthWest, but other folks may need it tamed down on the hot peppers some. One can use this as a dip for tortilla chips, or a relish and garnish on burritos (see our breakfast burritos recipe) or a general spicy condiment. The mucilagenous juices from the cactus help hold this all together.

Rivenrock's Thoughts

By rivenrock

This is a good salsa for topping almost anything. It’s great on other veggies, or as a dip. Actually, it is so full of good food and nutrients, and they all blend together so very well, when I make some, I often find myself just dipping some out now and then as it is… it’s that good. It is a fine dish in its own right.

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