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For coconut Ice Cream: Blend the meat of three young coconuts with the two dates and 1 banana adding the coconut water as needed to make a creamy pudding consistancy. Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze until solid. Place your sliced banana in a bowl and prepare your ice creams: Either use a food processor, a vita mix, or a champion juicer with the blind plate in (I use a champion), to process first the Coconut Ice Cream (remove and add a serving to bowl), then frozen banana (remove and add to bowl), then the frozen strawberries and mangos(remove and add to bowl). Top with berries, buckwheaties, cacao nips, cacao sauce (dates and cacao powder blended with a little water) and shredded coconut. I made a whole bunch of each kind at once and saved them in old Earth Balance containers (from my cooked vegan food days) in the freezer so I could eat ice cream all week.

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By sarabethxvx

A Killer Ice Cream Sundae to make you the envy of all your SAD friends!

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Okay so now that I have a case of young coconuts waiting for me at my health food store, I'm doing this ASAP!! What an awesome idea. And now, only thing that could make this better is if I had a slew of all raw friends and we got together and had an "ice cream" sundae potluck! Thanks for sharing and I totally can't wait to try this!!!!!

P.S. you wouldn't believe how full my tupperware drawer is of old earth balance containers. seriously, i don't even own tupperware cuz alls i use are old containers. glad to see someone else is doin' the same thing, hehe!

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