Recipe Directions

Kale chips:
Remove and wash kale leaves and dry them. Place all the rest of the ingredients in the food processor or blender and process until mostly smooth. massage mixture into kale chips and dehydrate for approximately 12 hours or until crispy and dry.
Sandwhich Bread:
Combine all ingredients in a bowl and neide with your hands until you get a very thick doe like consistency. Separate into four and shape them into 1/4" or so squares on your dehydrator sheets. About 2-3 hours into dehydration, flip them over to get a thorough dry. Dehydrate for approximately 10- 12 hours.
cut one piece in half and add your choice of veggies! You may need a condiment. I used spicy mustard even though its not raw.
*Just a little FYI, feel free to play around with the recipes. For example with the kale chips you can add whatever veggies you like, bc the nutritional
will give it the flavor, I recommend the red pepper though.

Healthanista's Thoughts

This sandwich is a great way to use the left over almond pulp from almond milk as well as pulp from juicing!

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healthanista's Review

Raw deli sandwich with spicy kale chips!
5 out of 5

Yes they are very tasty!!! =))

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I love kale chips, and your recipe for 'em looks really tasty. Too bad I don't own a dehydrator :(

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