Recipe Directions

Add everything as above except Chilli flakes into high speed blender.

Use push rod (or spatula after switching off blender every time) to push ingredients so they all blend well.

Blend until the ingredients are ground into very tiny pieces about the size of a tiny mustard seed. Do not over blend so it doesn’t become a soft paste.

Add the chilli flakes now and very briefly blend for few seconds so they mix well with rest.

Dump the mixture into a mixing bowl and mix well with clean hands.

The mixture should be soft to push but hard enough so coconut oil is not oozing out heavily (from the blender coconut powder). You don’t add coconut oil separately!

Make them into small balls with hands (or sometimes I just use a 15 ml measuring spoon as a mould).

When you are making balls, you will see your hand getting oily fro the coconut blend.

Mallikk's Thoughts

By mallikk

I use these quick to make Almind Chilli laddu balls as quick and very healthy snack during lunch time or anytime for my in between snacks. It’s easy to take them with you if you are going out. Being all fat, I don’t feel hungry for several hours after having a few (about 4-5).

The hot and sweet snack is very tasty. My friends and relatives love them and is the favourite for my wife.

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