By The Rawtarian

One of the biggest challenges going raw is 'taking it with you.'

Are you guilty of running out the door with empty hands, only to end up starving (and grumpy)? Or dashing into the nearest convenience store for an unhealthy snack? 

Perhaps you do make the effort to bring some raw food. Nuts, fruit, veggies: all good! But in case you were wondering (and I know you were!), I do have many yummy recipes that travel well.

Try some of these recipes next time you hit the road...

The Rawtarian says:

Fill your go-cup up.. With a green smoothie

Finding yourself hungry and miserable on the road is no fun. At the very least, do bring 'easy' snacks like nuts and bananas and carrot sticks. Better yet, try one (or more!) of these recipes for your next day out. The bit of extra effort will be well worth it. Trust me. I know!

If you can't live without your sweet fix, take along:

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This sounds so good, I would love to start eating raw. Can I combine these with detox powders, I buy them online on this website or even supplements. Or would that be considered as not raw eating?

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