Recipe Directions

1. Prepare all of the ingredients above. (de-pitting the Medjool dates and cutting the avocado).

2. Add all of the ingredients to the Vitamix or food processor and blend.

Powerlifer's Thoughts

By powerlifer

So our first entry in our raw dessert recipe section, and today we have a delicious raw carob avocado mousse pudding recipe.

I have used carob powder for the chocolate taste as I know many who don't tolerate cacao well.

Carob has all the wonderful chocolatey taste without the stimulants that cacao contains such as caffeine and theobromine.

The Medjool dates help not only to give the “chocolatey” consistency but to add a sweetness to the pudding.

A little vegan milk is needed such as almond or soy to help mix and process the ingredients.

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