it's absolutely my favorite sweet treat. I wish I could make it everyday.
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Recipe Directions

Take sun-dried tomatoes and cut into smaller pieces.
Cut dates into smaller pieces.
Mash sun-dried tomatoes and dates together. Slice and dice strawberries and mix in with tomatoes and dates. food process or grind cashews and mix in. This is your base or one layer.
Mash up bananas in blender or by hand, and if you like make it more fluffy with macadamias, and add vanilla for extra flavor if you like.
Layer sundried tomato cashew strawberry dates layer
and top with banana mixture (it's great if you can get it to be a yogurt or pudding consistency)
The quick and dirty
Cashew cookie Lara bar crumbled with strawberries and sun-dried tomatoes..
top with banana that I mashed into the mix. Voila!

Luxdivon's Thoughts

it's absolutely my favorite sweet treat. I wish I could make it everyday.

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hey btw, it's actaully supposed to be DATES! not figs. My boyfriend read it, and pointed it out to me. LOL. Yea.. it's the sundried tomato/date combination that is to die for. With the strawberries it's absolutely divine. The idea struck me when I was making "russell james lasagna" and tasted a bit of the sundried tomatoes and figs together. It was instant love.

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Really interesting, I can't imagine how sundried tomatoes would taste in a dessert. I'll have to try it!

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