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Shred the veges with a grater, food processor OR dice them finely. Put them in a jar with 1/2 tsp salt. Cap loosely and store in a cool dry place for three days or more, the warmer the storage place, the shorter the fermenting time.

The texture should be crisp, not mushy. The taste is salty, slightly sweet and tangy.

Refrigerate covered for pretty much ever. The longer it sits the better it tastes.

Once made, sauerkraut is a very safe food because its high acidity prevents spoilage. USDA also recommends pasteurizing sauerkraut for storage. This is not necessary if the raw sauerkraut has been properly made and stored, and will needlessly diminish the nutritional value. A slimy or excessively soft texture, discoloration, or off-flavor may indicate spoilage.

Zucchini breath's Thoughts

By zucchini breath

Raw, fermented sweet pickle relish. Made sauerkraut style and chock full of lovely probiotics.

I love this on my salad, in soups or as a snack with some raw crackers

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