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When hosting a party, the food on the table always makes the spotlight of the occasion. You want to wow your guests with your brilliant skills like you’ve just had a raw chef prepare what’s on the menu. In this post, I’ve got some fancy raw food ideas for parties that you can proudly show off to your friends. You just read fancy up there, but truthfully, the procedures in making these raw vegan dishes are nothing but simple and easy, your guests would never guess.

Raw pumpkin crumble

This raw pumpkin crumble recipe is downright perfect for special occasions, especially for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. (You can also bookmark this recipe for your next party. It’s never too soon to plan, is it?)

This recipe is fast and easy. Blend all pumpkin filling ingredients in a blender and set aside. Next, briefly process coconut, pecans and salt, then add your dates and continue processing until the crumble mixture turns into a fluffy coarse meal. To avoid it getting soggy, always store the filling and the crumble separately until it’s ready to eat. Add dried cranberries to the crumble for a more festive touch.

Raw cheesecake recipe

Next up – cheesecakes! They simply look classy, and everyone loves their flavor. Definitely perfect for raw desserts. But making this raw cheesecake recipe requires no magic or chef expertise, so don’t fret. Just place macadamia nuts, salt and dates in your food processor and process well, making sure the mixture is still airy. Layer the bottom of your cheesecake pan with dried coconut and press down your crust mixture into it. Blend your cream-cheese filling ingredients in a high-speed blender and pour it over the crust. Allow the cheesecake base to firm up in the freezer for about an hour while you blend the strawberries and dates in your blender. When the topping mixture is blended nice and smooth, pour it on top of the firm cheesecake base and pop it back in the freezer for five more hours or until it reaches your desired consistency. Before serving to your guests, you may want to defrost the raw cheesecake for about 10 minutes beforehand. (I doubt it will last long once served!)

Raw cranberry lemon cheesecake bites

Gotta love this twist on raw cheesecakes! These heavenly raw cranberry lemon cheesecake bites are sure to capture your raw food and non-raw food friends’ palates alike. All you need for this recipe are a few ingredients and your trusty high-speed blender. Dump all your lemon cheesecake base ingredients into the blender and blend your way up from slow to high speed. Pour the mixture into pans or fancy, decorative molds and allow them to firm up a bit in the freezer. Now blend your cranberries and dates into a nice and smooth texture, then evenly spread the topping onto the already firmed up cheesecake base. Freeze again for about five more hours and serve only when you’re ready to eat them, because it will melt quite quickly.

Raw chocolate superfood brownies

This is a pretty easy raw superfood brownie recipe that has a perfect chocolate taste. And paired with strawberry sauce? Divine!

And this one is super easy too. Just process most of the ingredients in a food processor, then mix in the goji berries, hemp hearts (and optional additional sweetener) by hand. Then press into two glass brownie dishes and refrigerate.

Which one will you choose for your next gathering?

There you have it. These are only some of many more fancy raw food recipe ideas for parties. I’m certain you can also come up with more creative ways to pretty up your raw food dishes. It’s always great to be able to prepare delicious food you love to guests who aren’t even raw fooders (and leave them in awe).

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