Recipe Directions

in the food processor, grind the soaked sunflower seeds until a pulpy mix forms.

add in the acorn squash and cardamom, and process again until the mix starts clumping in the food processor.

remove the dough from the food processor, and form into a big ball. roll the ball around in the pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (unsoaked).

serve as an appetizer, over a bed of lettuce leaves and with your fav raw crackers!

this cheeze ball tastes like a sweet cream cheeze, but without all of the nastiness of unvegan forms.

Vabeachcg's Thoughts

By vabeachcg

i created this recipe out of what was left over from the week prior to Grocery Day, and what generated was a really quick, simple, tasty appetizer that will fool even the most hard-core SAD omni!

this cheeze ball is really a thick pate with a topping, that tastes like a cream cheeze in that it's sweet, is loaded with texture, and makes a great spread for raw breads, crackers, and even lettuce leaves. try rolling in spinach leaves and serving with a toothpick! or serve surrounded by raw crackers and on a bed of lettuce!

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