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- In a medium bowl, combine tahini, water (gradually), vinegar, and lemon juice. Stir in slowly until texture is smooth.

- Add crushed garlic cloves and stir in well. Leave for 10 minutes until flavor seeps in.

- Stir in pepper, cumin powder, and salt.

- Add soya yogurt, and stir (soya yogurt in this recipe is optional - it can be substituted with an extra 1/2 cup of water in step 1).

- Carefully add a few drops of hot Tabasco sauce (regular chilli sauce will also do). Stir well until red color is blended.

- Drizzle with olive oil, and add some parsley stems to garnish. Serve chilled.

Therawmichelle's Thoughts

By therawmichelle

Tahini is a highly nutritious Middle Eastern culinary staple - and is perfect for individuals that push to stay with a raw food diet. Produced out of sesame seeds, tahini is an excellent supply of calcium, protein, vitamin B (for your brain) and E (for the epidermis), additionally is considered an excellent source of important fats.

Note: This recipe calls for raw tahini. If you'd like to make your own, the recipe can be found here:

Sesame seeds are additionally a good resource of the amino acid Methionine, which is an essential aid to liver detoxing and helps in the absorption of other important amino acids. While the calorific content of tahini is slightly elevated due to the abundance of oil in the sesame seeds, the great news is that the majority of fats in tahini are unsaturated instead of saturated.

In this specific delicious Middle Eastern dip, you'll additionally enjoy the advantages of further elements like garlic (outstanding for your immune function), lemon (vitamin C), soya low fat yogurt (some additional protein), and virgin olive oil (yet more vitamin E to keep your skin in a great condition).

The spices found in this dip additionally provide it a quite specific Middle Eastern taste - especially the ground cumin, which additionally can be a wonderful revitalizing agent for an upset tummy or IBS. The wonderful thing about this salad dressing is that it might be utilized as a spread (on sun-dried crackers for example) or as a dip for crispy carrot sticks and cucumbers -- and stays fresh for around 12 days in sealed container in the refrigerator.

For the sake of variation, you can also add chopped green peppers, finely cut aubergine pulp, chopped parsley or dill. This recipe takes only a few minutes to prepare.

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