Recipe Directions

  • 1. Place the almonds only (do not add the honey or salt) into your food processer.
  • 2. Food process your almonds for five minutes, stopping every 1 minute to scrape down the sides. (Almonds will just be all powdery and you'll think you need to add liquids. But do NOT add any liquids.)
  • 3. Continue processing almondsfor an additional 15 minutes.(Yes, that's right, 20 minutes total!!) Almonds will eventually turn dough-like, then whipped, and then finally, they'll turn buttery and identical to store bought almond butter if you process them long enough! (Scroll down to "Thoughts" for a minute-by-minute play by play!)
  • 3. After approximately 20minutes of food processing (could be a bit longer or a bit less depending on the strength of your food processor), your almond butter is ready.
  • 4. Transfer creamy, spreadable almond butter to a jar or bowl. Then, optionally, add the honey and salt immediately and then stir by hand.
  • 5. Enjoy immediately. Store leftovers in fridge.

The Rawtarian's Thoughts

By The Rawtarian

Raw almond butter recipes are something of a myth in the raw food world. Why won't they blend well? What's the deal with all these bad raw almond butter recipes?

But I've got a raw almond butter recipe that does the trick.

Make this raw almond butter recipe in your food processor, not your blender, not your VitaMix and not your BlendTec. (Trust me.)

This raw almond butter recipe is simple and delicious. I love it spread on apples or raw crackers. Keep it in the fridge. It tastes best when it is served at room-temperature.

Note: Do NOT soak your almonds in advance. (Use dry, unsalted, unsoaked, unroasted almonds.)

This is a great replacement for peanut butter. And much healthier, too!

Please wear ear protection, by the way! This is a long and loud process.

Note: Note all food processors are up to this task. There is a small chance that your food processor's engine will burn out during this process, particularly if you have a cheap one. Consider letting the motor pause for a few 20 second intervals during this process to let your food processor cool down a little.

Note re: photograph: The almond butter in this photograph is a bit too chunky! Keep processing until you get the texture of store bought spreadable wet butter. I need to update this photo but I haven't gotten around to it yet!

Laura-Jane's Notes using her Cuisinart Classic Food Processor:

  • First 5 minutes: Need to scrape the sides every minute or so to ensure the mixture is evenly distributed. (Important.)
  • 5 minutes: Sticky, beginning to ball together.
  • 6 minutes: Formed a big ball. (Might need to stop briefly and bust up the ball.) 
  • 8 minutes: Doesn't need any more interference from here on. Now, little sticky crumbs.  
  • 10 minutes: Big hot sticky dough ball!
  • 11 minutes: Starting to look whipped!
  • 12 minutes: Getting wet.
  • 14 minutes: Getting smooth and creamy!
  • 16 minutes: Similar to above.
  • 17 minutes: More spreadable, almost store bought.
  • 18 minutes: As spreadable as store bought!
  • 20 minutes: Yep - it's perfect! Same texture as store bought but a little lighter in color.

Recipe Photos

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional score: 89 out of 100
  • This recipe is very low in Calories, Carbohydrates, and Sodium.
  • This recipe is an excellent source of Vitamin E.
  • This recipe is a good source of Protein, and Riboflavin.
  • This recipe is a noteworthy source of Dietary Fiber, and Iron.

Amounts per 35 g (1 oz) suggested serving

NameAmount% Daily
Calories 206 8 %
Protein 7 g 13 %
Fat 18 g 23 %
Carbohydrates 7 g 2 %
Dietary Fiber 4 g 12 %
Sugars 1.7 g
Calcium 92 mg 9 %
Iron 1.3 mg 10 %
Sodium 1 mg
Source: USDA, The Rawtarian

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21 votes
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Vitamix does work.. I used to work for Hopkins agriculture out of California. we made RAW almond butter by the bucket loads in a vitamix =] but the. the vitamix works best if the almonds are roasted first. but then its not raw haha

29 votes
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I have a nut butter (soaked and dehydrated hazelnuts) is kind of doughy...any recommendations on how to fix it? I actually tried to ,ale a Nutella alternative and used coconut oil, coconut cream & raw cacao powder...but this stuff is not spreadable

24 votes
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Hi Troye, Mine turns out to be somewhat doughy as well

26 votes
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Hi Geena, I totally agree about the roasted-first bit - that is what my understanding is as well - that in order to make in a vitamix they should be roasted first (which isn't raw, as you stated). Thanks for sharing your insider knowledge! What's Hopkins?

16 votes
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Love it... thanx for sharing this :)

18 votes
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My pleasure David

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