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In this episode of The Raw Food Podcast The Rawtarian interviews Jinjee Talifero, a homeschooling mother of 5 raw vegan children, the co-founder of and author of “Raising Raw Vegan Children.” She has been practicing the raw vegan diet for 17 years and currently lives in the Los Padres National Forest north of Los Angeles.

This episode will be of particular interest if you'd like your own children to be more enthused about eating raw food. Some of the topics we cover are how Jinjee and her husband Storm got into raw food many decades ago, tips on getting your children interested in raw food (and staying interested as they grow)! You'll also hear some of their family's favourite staple recipes, including a kale salad that the Taliferos - young and old - love. Plus, at the end we discuss the three key steps for making raw work for you - holistically.

Afterwards, we were chatting and she also shared her Raw Pizza Extravaganza recipe as one of the most-requested recipes by her kids :) It looks really yummy, and a dehydrator isn't required.

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