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Soak your almonds and cashews together overnight to remove tanins. Then rinse them *really well and add them to your vitamix. Fill your vitamix to the top with distilled or filtered water (6 cups for rich, up to 12 cups will be great) Blend really well. Strain this mixture through a nutmilk bag, squeeze all the liquid you can out of it, and then add the liquid back into your blender. You can save the nut pulp in your freezer for other projects. Add the remaining ingredients to your blender and blend until it's nice and frothy. The heaven that will result is worth the work (but  I might add that this is an insanely easy process so don't be daunted!) Best of all, no carageenans (what are thoooose?!) no "natural flavors," no unlisted ingredients. Ehrmagerd, try it!

Love, light, and goddess vegan vibes,


Mattt's Thoughts

By mattt

You may travel the whole world round, and drink endless varietals of "nut milks" from cartons or boxes of myraid shapes and sizes, but none will be as good as the kind you can make yourself.

Almond Cashew Vanilla Coconut Milk (alternate title: all things that are good milk)

The taste factor here is the quality and the purity of the ingredients.


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