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In this video The Rawtarian shows you samples of what she eats in a day!

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Hi. I’m Laura-Jane, The Rawtarian, from This is just a quick little video to share with you a little bit about what I eat in a day as a raw vegan. So this is a bit of a random schmozzle of some foods that I would generally eat. 

I thought we would start over here with breakfast. Now what I—there are a few things that I tend to have for breakfast, but a common thing I would have would be a green smoothie which would be a variety of fruit and vegetables like kale blended up into a sweet drink. And generally, it tastes sweet even though there’s greens of it. If you have about 2/3 fruit to 1/3 greens so that is a typical breakfast.

Then in the midmorning, I would definitely have a snack. Usually, that would be some fruit. And I certainly eat quite a bit. So it might be like even 2 apples, and 2 oranges and 2 apples. So that might me a midmorning snack 

Now for lunch, I don’t know if you can see up close the salad, but what a beautiful, abundant salad it is. We have fresh blueberries. We have baby cherry tomatoes. We have a nice mesclun mix. We have chopped green onions, walnuts. And I usually would put on some sort of maybe cashew baseddressing like I have a fabulous raw ranch dressing recipe, or I might put some avocado on there and corn on the cob. I love—this is just a completely raw, unhusked corn on the cob, and I love to just chop off the corn kernels, yes, and put them on the salad too. So salad is something that generally I would have for lunch.

Then after lunch, I would have more fruit. And sometimes, I don’t have any out her today, but I would eat some nuts as a snack as well like some almonds or cashews or walnuts or that kind of thing. And people, it can expensive. But figure out what fruit and vegetables that you love and allow yourself to snack on them as much as you want.

For me, pineapple is something I don’t eat a huge amount of but blueberries, strawberries, that kind of thing, amazing. So snacking on fruit is fun and delicious. Can be expensive but especially if you eat in season, it can be not too bad.

And so I don’t have a nice evening meal out here today. And for me, I tend to have more than just a salad for the evening because I find salads too much get repetitive, even though I make really delicious salads. So as an entrée, I have tons of ideas at my website, I make zucchini like noodles out of raw zucchini with a spiralizer, and I can turn them into sort of spaghetti sauce with “raw” meatballs on it. 

I have so many fabulous things that I have for dinner. I just didn’t make anything to present to you right now. But for dinner, I usually have something more than a salad so it will incorporate raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, but I might have used the dehydrator to make a veggie burger patty or some crackers. That kind of thing. So I like to have my evening meal a little more substantial for sure, and it tends to be more nut based than some of the things that we see here today.

And then after dinner, I have always had a sweet tooth. I’m not sure why. It was never something we did as I was growing up as a kid. Dessert. But I always loved to have something sweet after dinner. So frequently, that could be more fruit but generally I keep some kind of fancy raw dessert in my arsenal because I am The Rawtarian, and I do love to create raw vegan desserts.

So this is sort of a cheesecake, not sort of a cheesecake, it is a cheesecake. So we have a walnut based crust and then cashew cream and then a fruit cheesecake layer. So I probably would have one of those for dessert and I would enjoy it and I would just gobble it up and it would be awesome.

So this, except dinner, is sort of a typical day. And dinner or supper or the evening meal, whatever your linguistic choice is. So I am Laura-Jane from, where I create simple, satisfying raw food recipes. I’d love for you to join me there and I’m really appreciative of you watching this video right now so thank you so much for being with me here today.

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