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In this video, Laura-Jane The Rawtarian shows you how to make the Strawberry Fields Smoothie.

A blender is required for this recipe.

Video Transcript

Hi. I am Laura-Jane, The Rawtarian, from And today in The Rawtarian's Kitchen, we are making my strawberry fields smoothie. This is actually one of my favorite smoothies lately.

It's quite simple. But the flavor is just super strawberry-y. Because sometimes you use strawberries in a smoothie, and it doesn't really taste like strawberry I find. But I just find this has a really refreshing, bright, like summery flavor, and the ingredients are healthful but not too obscure.

“Well, what do we have?” you ask. This is like a brimming cup of spinach. It's 1 cup, but I kind of packed it in there.

A cup of strawberries. You could use frozen strawberries or fresh. Today, it is like summer, and these are local strawberries. I'm excited. They are very flavorful.

A banana. 1 cup.

This happens to be almond milk. You can use any kind of nut milk. You could also use water if you want to. It just won't be quite as rich, but that's totally fine. Sometimes I use water.

And this is lemon juice, which adds a little bit of brightness to it. It's 1 tablespoon.

I really did that with such verve.

Okay. All we're doing is a smoothie, so we're just blending it up. Hey! I didn't bring any kind of receptacle aka a glass to pour this into. But that's okay. We don't need to do that.

So you know me. And again, you could use frozen strawberries or frozen banana. If you're using frozen banana, it’s got to be before you freeze it, you got to peel it. Otherwise, you're never going to get that peel off.

But if you have a crappy blender, you don't want to use frozen fruit. I mean, you can, but it's easier to use fresh.

But what I was going to say before I interrupted myself was we always like to start with the soft things at the bottom like a fresh banana. Liquid because that always goes down to the bottom. But for example, if these strawberries were frozen, I would put them in last. Because sometimes if you put the really hard stuff at the bottom, the blender can't get going.

So although there's quite a bit of green in there, as you probably know, spinach is the best green to use in a smoothie because it doesn't taste very green. It's the most mild-tasting green there is to put in a smoothie, and so it's wonderful to use in a green smoothie that's going to look green and give you the nutritional boost that you want, but it's not going to taste green.

Is that everything? I think it is. So we're just blending.


So this is a Vitamix blender. It's an amazing blender. There's a lot of really great blenders out there. Blendtec is another wonderful brand.

The thing that a blender does really well that a crappy blender doesn't is eliminate all the bits of, say, your spinach, or all those little bits so that this is super smooth and delicious.

And it's just like a smoothie you would get at a mall. You know, when you have a good blender, you can make it so silky smooth. That's the difference between a good blender and a junky one. A less expensive one, I should say.

Yes, I know. I love the smoothie. I drink it often. I actually feel like I can taste the nut milk. I feel like I usually use water. They're both good, but I feel like maybe I kind of like it with water better.

That's probably all I need to say about the strawberry fields smoothie. Thank you, and try this for breakfast tomorrow!


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Love your website and videos!

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Thanks, Kim! I'm happy to have you here with me :)

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