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1. Grind the almonds and put all ingredients for the crust in a large bowl.

2. Make a dough with your hands and put it on the bottom of a round cake pan. Put in fridge.


3. Grind/puree the cashews without the water in a blender.

4. Puree the meat of the young coconut without the water. Puree the bananas.

5. Put all ingredients for the filling in a large bowl and blend it with a blender bar or put everything in a blender if you have a really good one (or a food processor).

6. The dough should not be liquid. If it is too liquid, add some pureed cashews or some cacao or coconut oil. If it is too hard, add some pureed bananas. You also have to make sure that the filling is sweet enough. If it is not, add some pureed dates or bananas.


7. Slice the 2 bananas and put the slices on the crust (optional), but leave space at the margin. Pour the filling over it.

8. Put in the fridge for a few hours. Before serving, decorate with coconut flakes or any other nice looking raw ingredient.

Helen1001's Thoughts

By Helen1001

I made this cake for my birthday last week, and my raw friends found it really delicious. I like it too, because I love the combination of bananas and chocolate. If you do not like bananas, you do not have to include them.

While making the cake, you can enjoy the "leftovers" as delicious raw drinks: The water from the 2 young coconuts, as well as the soaking water from the dates which is nice and sweet.

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