Recipe Directions

1. Hold the corn on the cob vertically and run a sharp knife down their sides to remove the corn. Put the corn into your serving bowl.

2. Grate the carrots and add them to the corn.

3. Dice the peppers and apples into small pieces and add to the corn and carrot.

4. Chop the spring onion into small slices and add to the vegetables.

5. Put rubber gloves on and slice the chillies lengthways. Remove the pips. Chop into very small pieces – take your time over this, especially if the chillies are hot, the dish will have a much more rounded flavour if you can make the pieces as small as possible. Add the chilli to the vegetable mixture.

6. Scoop out the avocado flesh and put it in a second bowl.

7. Juice the lime and pour over the avocado.

8. Mash the avocado and lime together with a fork until smooth.

9. Put the avocado dressing on top of the vegetables in the serving bowl and mix really well.

Pathlesstrodden's Thoughts

By pathlesstrodden

Corn on the cob is amazing raw! This recipe teams it with avocado and a hint of chilli to create a smooth, warming, satisfying salsa.

You can eat it on its own, create filled pockets by wrapping it in lettuce leaves, fill ppeppers with (as per my picture) or serve with dehydrated crackers and wraps.

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