Recipe Directions

Wash the wild rice thoroughly

Put the rice in a sealed glass container with 4 times the amount of water

Put in the dehydrator at 60 Celsius for 1 hour

Reduce the temperature to 41 Celsius

Cook for 24-27 more hours.

Soak the chopped mushrooms in marinade for several hours.

Dehydrate mushrooms for 3 hours.

When cooked, strain and rinse the rice

Add all the vegetable ingredients, mushrooms and fold through the rice.

Add the onion powder, soy sauce, truffle oil and mix in.

Garnish with the olives.

Annl4's Thoughts

By annl4

This is a favourite at our house and gives us two meals. It tastes great the next day.

You can substitute the soy sauce and truffle oil for cashew cheese sauce or fresh, raw tomato and basil sauce.

It can also go in Nori sheets and wrapped to make sushi

The most commited meat eaters love this one!

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