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Raw vegan dishes are always enjoyable. But when those “Brrr” months kick in, wouldn’t it be nice to have something warm on your plate? While some of you might scratch your heads wondering what I’m going on about, let me just say not all raw dishes are frozen or chilled. So there’s no need to despair about eating cold food in freezing temperatures. And no, you don’t have to cook and break your raw food streak at all. I’m talking about authentic raw food recipes for the cold weather. I’m going to share with you some clever ideas you can try, so grab your notepad and start listing down these favorites (or maybe you can just bookmark this page). 

Raw creamy carrot soup

Nice warm soups are perfect for cold days. And remember, there’s no cooking involved here.

To make your own raw creamy carrot soup recipe, place chopped carrots, cashews, water and sea salt together in a high-speed blender and blend until you reach a really nice and smooth consistency. And here comes the trick – continue blending for a little bit longer so that the heat from the friction and the blades warms up your soup. Once you’re satisfied, pour the carrot soup into a bowl and garnish with anything you want. You must consume the soup immediately to enjoy its warmth.

Raw cream of celery soup

Here’s another 5-star, yummy raw soup that you can make in your high-speed blender.

Simply blend celery, cashews, garlic clove, water and sea salt together, starting on low as you gradually pick up the speed all the way to high. As with the carrot soup above, blend for quite a while longer to warm it up nicely. Pour the concoction into a bowl with finely chopped celery and gently stir using a spoon. Garnish and enjoy this raw cream of celery soup while still warm!

Raw veggie burgers

Dehydrators are also a much appreciated piece of kitchen equipment in the cold months. It may take hours on end to before you can enjoy your delicious raw food but it’s definitely worth it.

This raw veggie burger recipe is pretty easy to make if you have a dehydrator. Just process all the ingredients in your food processor except for the hemp hearts and chopped vegetables. Transfer the mixture into a bowl, then add the hemp hearts and veggies and mix well with a spoon. Form patties using your hands and arrange on dehydrator trays lined with parchment paper. Dehydrate on high and reduce the temperature after an hour and a half. Continue dehydrating for five hours or more until you reach your desired consistency. These savory veggie burger patties make an awesome match with some crisp lettuce. A perfect winter meal!

Raw hearty walnut pate

This rather salty-flavored raw walnut pate is a delightful recipe to dig into during those cold weathers. It has only a few key ingredients, and it’s very easy to prepare.

Place pre-soaked walnuts, white onion, carrot, celery stalk and sea salt in a food processor and process into a nice and smooth cream-cheese-like consistency. Only add the soy sauce (do not omit it!) to the mixture near the end and continue processing. If you process a little longer, the mixture will warm up a bit. This pate is a perfect match with cucumber rounds. 

Raw chili

You can eat this chili on its own. Feel free to warm slightly in your dehydrator, although warming it is not necessary. (I don't bother warming it.)

This chili mixture also makes a nice salad topping. Plus, top with optional raw sour cream for yummy chili goodness! (In this picture I didn't take the time to make raw sour cream, but I did grind up cashews using a nut-grinder, which acts like parmesan cheese!)

To make this chili, first chop or shred the carrots and celery. Set aside. Then process the remaining ingredients. Combine and enjoy!

Raw recipes for cold weather

These are just a few ideas to get you going during a cold snap. And if you want to warm up some leftovers, you can also use a dehydrator for that. So don’t limit yourself to cold food, and don’t hesitate to try some of these  ideas. When you want some warm, cozy raw vegan meal, just take out your blender or pop your recipe in a dehydrator!

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