A delicious version I created because I didn't have to make (again!).
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    two 7"-9" pizza crusts (enough or 6-8 friends)
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Recipe Directions

Put everything exepted the seeds in your food processor and process!

Add the veggies with enough water to process.

Divide the mixture on two equal parts and gently spread in a large round on 2 teflex sheets. You may want the edges thicker, to mimick traditional pizzas.

Dehydrate 1 hour at 145F and then lower the temperature to 104F.

When dry enough to touch, flip on a dehydrator mesh and dehydrate overnight until.

Crusts may easily rest in the fridge 1 day or 2

Put your favorite raw sauce on, dehydrate 1 hour.

Put your favorite veggies, marinated or not, with extra "cheese" or not, and dehydrate one hour more.

Share and enjoy! :)

Isabelle.marcil's Thoughts

By isabelle.marcil

A delicious version I created because I didn't have to make (again!).

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