Recipe Directions

1. Open and drain water from coconuts, and then remove meat.

2. Blend all the meat with half the water and the cashews (save the water from the other 2 coconuts for your morning green smoothie). Here you have the main batch, should be a bit more than 1 quart of deliciousness. You could divide this into 2 pint batches or continue with the recipe.

3. Add the date, vanilla and acidophilus to the blender and blend thoroughly.

4. Pour into a quart glass jar, seal well, and place in warm water bath for 4-8 hours.

5. Refrigerate. Enjoy!

Noelleloveshoney's Thoughts

By noelleloveshoney

I was at Whole Foods and they had a bunch of beautiful young coconuts, so i figured it was the time to experiment.

All four I bought were perfect, so i had a lot of material to work with!

I made one main batch and separated it into different types. You could halve it to make just one type if you like.

The main uncultured batch tasted very pleasantly just like melted ice cream from One Lucky Duck cafe. Amazing!

And the cultured batch tasted like a slightly fizzy and creamy coconut milk (better than the canned!).

You could add more spices and make it like a chai, or chocolate powder and see how that goes. Yum.

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