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To assemble the rolls: Lay out Daikon slices on a cutting board, top with 2 spinach leaves at one end, a few slices of carrot, 1-2 pieces of strawberry, some cilantro and enoki mushroom then roll. The diakon radish will naturally stick together. Roll so you can stand upright on a plate.

To make the dressing: Should be thick but pourable. Drizzle on a plate around wraps or pour into a small dipping dish.

Another variation with the same ingredients (minus the mushrooms) + 1/2 a yellow pepper. I added a little more OJ to the dipping sauce to make a dressing and sprinkled the a few hemp hearts over the top and voila - a salad!

Berry Blue Toes's Thoughts

By Berry Blue Toes

A little fiddly rolling but, easier after you get the hang of it :)

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