Recipe Directions

  • 1. Add all ingredients to blender. Place soft ingredients like bananas in first, because that's what I was taught!
  • 2. Blend in your high-speed blender until nicely smooth.
  • 3. Your green smoothie is ready! Pour green smoothie into cup(s) or a large mason jar for on-the-go goodness.

The Rawtarian's Thoughts

By The Rawtarian

I have been a raw vegan for over two four years. And for breakfast almost every single day I have a green smoothie. And I am still not sick of them yet, if you can believe that! I can make them super quickly, and I always keep the main ingredients on hand.

If you have any trust in me believe me when I tell you that in order to make a tasty green smoothie you absolutely must have a high-speed blender like a Vitamix or a Blendtec. Otherwise it'll be chunky and grainy and downright disgusting and you'll have to pinch your nose to get it down. When it comes to green smoothies texture is everything and high-speed blenders are going to take a slightly disgusting chunky mixture and turn it into a silky smoothie like the one in this photo that actually tastes delicious--like a treat. Texture is everything when it comes to this green smoothie recipe.

This may not be the most exciting green smoothie recipe in the world, but it's what I have for breakfast almost every morning so I figured that you'd like to know what I have for breaky! What I like about it as well is that it's not too expensive, since bananas are inexpensive here in Canada.

To clean your blender: Add 1-2 cups of water into your blender immediately and blend again to aid in cleaning process. Take carafe to sink and finish rinsing/cleaning blender right away. I am not a good housekeeper but the one rule in my house is to NEVER let the Vitamix carafe sit uncleaned. NEVER! Why? Because then if I'm lazy later on and it's not clean then I won't use it, then I won't know what to make, and I'll just eat nuts for dinner because I'm too lazy to clean the blender.  NEVER store recipes in your blender for this reason. :)

This recipe makes quite a large green smoothie, it's a perfect breakfast for 1 person. This is my go-to breakfast.

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Nutrition Facts

Nutritional score: 94 out of 100
  • This recipe is very low in Calories, Fat, and Sodium.
  • This recipe is low in Carbohydrates.
  • This recipe is an excellent source of Vitamin C.
  • This recipe is a good source of Vitamin B6, and Vitamin K.
  • This recipe is a noteworthy source of Dietary Fiber, and Riboflavin.

Amounts per 240 g (8 oz) suggested serving

NameAmount% Daily
Calories 141 6 %
Protein 2.1 g 4 %
Fat 0.53 g 1 %
Carbohydrates 36 g 11 %
Dietary Fiber 5 g 15 %
Sugars 20 g
Calcium 42 mg 4 %
Iron 0.67 mg 5 %
Sodium 11 mg
Source: USDA, The Rawtarian

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OK, wow that cherry pineapple one sounds to die for. But expensive I bet! But super deelish

47 votes
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Hi Sarah,

No, do not use a food processor--food processors should be used for dryer stuff. Do try your regular blender. It'll probably be fine, it just won't be as nice and smooth :)

I do understand not being able to afford a high-speed. They are expensive!!

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When I first got my high-speed, I purchased a refurbished one from their website. It even came with a warranty:) I have had it for 7 years and still love it. Sometimes the big warehouse stores will have a great sale for a package deal.

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