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Combine all ingredients in a food processor….that’s it! Don’t you love the simplicity of soup recipes? Note: I didn’t include this in the ingredients, but if you are making this recipe for one person, or if you don’t think you’ll be eating it straight away, you might want to add some lemon juice to the recipe to preserve freshness. 1/4 cup should do.

Greenfish33's Thoughts

By Greenfish33

I was planning on making squash soup with a little spice, and I thought that for the ratio of soup to cayenne, 1/2 tsp pepper would do. However, when I did the first taste test, that 1/2 tsp went a long way! So if you are not a fan of spicy dishes you can omit the cayenne. As a lover of spicy foods, I will say that it certainly heats up this cold soup. Enjoy!

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