Recipe Directions

Mix all ingredients BUT the pecans and lettuce.

Top romaine lettuce and sprinkle with pecans.

Would be great to try on dehydrated crackers. Or eat by the spoonful!

K8ee's Thoughts

By k8ee

I always hate going out to eat because all that’s out there is a house salad ick. Me:”I’ll have the House Salad with No croutons, cheese, or dressing please :)” Waiter: “NO DRESSING???” Me: no dressing:).

Well after all that I was dreading yet another boring house salad when to my surprise it was actually huge and beautiful! It had minced cucumbers and tomatoes cascading down a mountian of fresh, crisp romaine leaves! And this was at Bugaboo Creek! A steakhouse…eeew. Anyhow this inspired me to experiement with small minced up vegetables and very little “dressing” element.

Hope you like it.

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